About Us

I founded Odeene LLC on a vision of building a passionate company that would encourage those who have faced disadvantages in life to believe, trust, and have faith in God.  I challenged my own circumstances as a single mother and as the only provider for our family.  I wanted to change our lives and the lives of other women by sparking an inspiration of ingenuity and empowerment with the means of artistry.

Our vision is to grow our company while being socially responsible using pure plant-based oil and cruelty-free ingredients.  We nourish our whole body with this inner consciousness and are grounded with respectfulness for our world and each individual beings as magnificent creations.  

We handcraft every bar of soap in small humble batches of love. We dream of the melodies of expression thru scents, pigments, and textures.  Then we create it, reinventing what's possible. We are blessed as women to have this freedom of creative expression to improve our lives and the lives of others.