They have amazing soaps that are great on even extra sensitive skin & they all smell fabulous! Its nice to have a natural product without all kinds of gross chemicals, I have nearly every scent!

Rebecca L.

these are some of the most beautiful and fragrant soaps I've ever bought! and I love that they are vegan and cruelty free. just bought some today for the first time at the Fairfax Veg Fest and can't wait to buy more one day

Briana M.

We love their soaps, the ladies are super nice. It’s an added bonus everything’s vegan!

Tony C.

I got the Agave Honey soap as a gift from my teacher. It made my skin super soft and I had no problems with itching. I have severe hand eczema and it started to heal my fingers and took the itch away. Also smells AMAZING!! I will be purchasing more also trying new blends. Highly recommended!!

Precious J.

Love these soaps. My skin feels so much better since I have been using them. Plus they smell wonderful!!

Audrey V.

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